Econo Water Saving Device

A water saving device for potted plants, inspired by the Namibian beetles system of saving water by cleverly using evaporation and condensation to its advantage. this simple disc is called 'econo', designed to cover the
earth in your plant pot to catch the evaporating water leading it back to the plant, drastically reducing the amount necessary to water it. they calculated that it saves you up to 50% of water.

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N+ew by Rodrigo Alonso

squirrelbait at Core 77 posted "Santiago, Chile-based design studio Musuc, or Rodrigo Alonso's "happy ideas lab," presents N+ew (No More Electronic Waste). N+ew is a functional object that makes use of discarded electronic devices and parts, granting this toxic trash a second chance at life. This project enlisted the help of technicians and professionals with expertise in metal smelting, counterfoil development and plastic resins. N+ew's development was also supported by Recycla Chile S.A., the first and only company which recycles electronic waste in South America."
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